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Achieving success with text

Exito means success in Spanish, Portuguese, and Papiamento. When we established Exito Translation Agency in 1998, we carefully selected this name for its significance. It perfectly aligns with our goal of attaining success with your texts and how we conduct our work.

Our translations are entrusted to experienced native speakers and proficient translators with significant expertise and knowledge in specific fields.

This ensures that your message, be it legal, commercial, or technical in nature, is effectively communicated to your international contacts.

Our way of working, following ISO standards

We operate in accordance with ISO 17100  and ISO 18587 guidelines. This guarantees that our quality management system and translations adhere to stringent standards.

Rest assured that you will receive a professional translation that requires no worries on your part. ISO 17100 certification ensures that we follow a defined translation process, including regular quality checks.

Exito is committed to collaborating with highly qualified and experienced translators who possess the necessary skills. Your projects are always handled by a pair of native-speaking translators who meticulously review each other’s work.

We conduct a final QA before delivery to ensure that your translations reflect the original text as intended.

Our translations process

Vertaalproces Exito Vertaalbureau

Sustainable collaboration with experts

Exito Translation Agency may not be the largest translation agency, but our goal is to be among the finest! We achieve this through open lines of communication, personal attention, and a professional approach. This commitment extends to both our clients and the translators we collaborate with.

Quality is the driving force behind our work, and our profession encompasses a wide range of fascinating aspects. For instance, we meticulously research the specific terminology or subject matter of the documents we translate. Naturally, the desires and requirements of our clients always take precedence. It would be ideal if they didn’t!

Exito cultivates strong relationships and provides services of the utmost quality, ensuring prompt delivery within tight deadlines.

Why choose Exito?

  • Experienced translators, text writers and editors
  • Personal attention – always – with short lines and flexibility 
  • We’re on your side (would be weird if we weren’t!)
  • Close collaboration with designers and website builders 
  • Exito is ISO 17100 certified and stands for quality
  • Associated with industry associations for current knowledge of the sector and primary sectors in which we operate.

Convenant translation industry

On 1 November 2022, representatives of SENSE, the Association of Translation Agencies in the Netherlands (Vereniging van Tolk- en Vertaalbureaus in Nederland, VViN), the Dutch Society of Interpreters and Translators (Nederlands Genootschap van Tolken en Vertalers, NGTV), and the Dutch Association of Freelance Translators (Vereniging van Zelfstandige Vertalers, VZV) signed a best practices document called the ‘Convenant Vertaalsector Nederland’ (Dutch translation industry memorandum of understanding).


The Convenant explains what freelance translators and translation agencies in the Netherlands typically consider good practice in their dealings with each other. This gives freelance translators in the Netherlands a better idea of what translation agencies in the Netherlands expect of them, and vice versa. It is also a way for local translators to hold local translation agencies accountable for unethical behaviour. We hope that the Convenant will help newcomers to our industry learn what translators and agencies can expect and should deliver to each other.

Exito Vertaalbureau, member of NGTV and VViN, fully endorses the Dutch language industry convenant.

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