Medical translations

Exito provides medical translations

Translations of patient information leaflets, medical reports, diagnoses or a scientific article, for example? Exito Vertaalbureau provides them. Regardless of the intended reader of the translation, a medical translation demands a lot from the translator. Knowledge of medical terminology, professional knowledge of chemistry and insight into methods and techniques is needed.

Specialist in medical jargon

Exito has a worldwide team of translators who are specialised in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals and who work closely with family doctors and pharmacists. We keep our ready knowledge up to date through professional training, seminars and courses.

Examples of types of medical texts we translate

  • Patient information leaflets and product descriptions
  • Manuals for medical aids
  • Instructions for use of laboratory equipment
  • Medical certificates and examination reports
  • Brochures on guidelines in healthcare
  • Questionnaires for clinical studies
  • Apps for stopping smoking, information materials
  • Scientific articles.

Translating medical texts requires permanent quality

Exito Vertaalbureau is ISO 17100 certified, specifically for translation services and all the stages, quality control and procedures that entails. This means that we have all medical translations checked by a second medical translator or reviewer with knowledge of the medical field.

For translating specialised medical documentation, we use modern translating software, an indispensable tool with translation memories and databases to ensure consistency of terminology. Recurring sections of text, professional jargon and specific terms are stored in a client-specific translation memory and deployed for a subsequent translation.

This way of working also ensures consistency in technical and legal translations

Why choose Exito medical and pharmaceutical translations?

  • Experienced medical and pharmaceutical translators and reviewers
  • Personal attention – always – with short lines and flexibility
  • Close collaboration with family doctors and pharmacists
  • Thorough knowledge of protocols and regulations
  • Your documents delivered on time so you can get on with your work straight away.

Who we work for in the healthcare industry:

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Technical & ICT

User interfaces, work instructions and manuals are faultlessly translated thanks to a team of specialists.


Maritime translations

Our technical translators have been translating for the maritime sector and the Dutch manufacturing industry for more than 24 years.


Legal translations

We deliver translations and sworn translations by native-speaker lawyers with experience in translating.