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Il bel paese, the beautiful country. A well-known nickname for Italy which the country certainly does justice to. The Italian language is also very beautiful – and useful. Take for example the activities in the automotive and clothing industries, strong characteristics of Italy.  If you want to successfully reach one of these or any other Italian target groups, you’ve come to the right address, here at Exito.

But Italian isn't such a major language, is it?

Italian is spoken by around 60 million people in Italy and another 8 million outside Italy. By comparison, the number of people who speak Italian outside Italy is not so large, so Italian is not as widespread as Spanish or French, for example.

Nevertheless, this number does indicate that knowledge of the language is necessary in order to be able to communicate effectively with Italian business relations. Exito has a widespread group of native Italian speakers so every text will be processed correctly and reliably. Here at Exito, we don’t leave anything to chance.

Localisation: know the differences!

Localisation is an important point for Exito since we are keen to avoid any misunderstandings in either culture or language. The client’s wishes are our priority and together with our native Italian speakers, we will make sure that every translation will have the right tone.

Are you looking for an Italian translation agency that can help you on your way? Would you like advice on how best to have your documents translated? Let us know what you’re looking for and we will provide a translator that is able to meet your wishes.

Why choose Exito text writers?

  • Experienced writers, copywriters, editors and proofreaders
  • Personal attention – always – with short lines and flexibility
  • Italian specialists with knowledge of your professional field
  • Native speakers with knowledge of Italian culture
  • ISO-certified Italian translations
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