Legal translations

Lawyers with translating skills

When you want to have your legal documents translated, you don’t engage just any old translator. You go for a translation agency that is experienced in translating legal documents.

We have those specialists in our team of extremely skilled legal translators.

Did you know that many of our legal translators have completed not only a translation education but have also studied law? They range from experts in English legal texts to a German translator with a Swiss law degree.

Find out what Exito can do for your text

Translating legal texts must be done extremely accurately. It’s hugely important that the texts can never be misinterpreted. Particularly when it concerns legally valid documents such as purchase agreements, deeds or articles of association.

You can trust the legal expertise of Exito translators and proofreaders. We work with and for lawyers, bailiffs and solicitors.

Your legal translation work is in safe hands at Exito – for translations, sworn or not, general terms and conditions, contracts, summonses or articles of association, patents or repossessions.

We translate many legal documents and procedural papers, such as:

  • summons, injunction and ruling
  • statement of answer, statement of reply, defence papers, pleadings of grievances
  • repossession, writ and notification
  • will, prenuptial conditions or declaration of inheritance rights
  • contracts, government documents, diplomas or articles of association.

Exacting requirements for legal translations

In the Netherlands, procedural papers submitted to a Court or Supreme Court must be drawn up in the Dutch language. We translate your procedural papers fast with a team of legal experts so that you can assist your client well and on time.

Exito Vertaalbureau is ISO 17100 certified. This standard imposes strict demands on the way in which we carry out our work. For example, we are obliged to use experienced reviewers to thoroughly check every legal translation.

Juridische Vertalingen Exito

Why choose Exito legal translators?

  • Experienced translators, editors and proofreaders with legal knowledge
  • Personal attention – always – with short lines and flexibility
  • We can help you with legalisations and endorsements (apostille) where required
  • Close collaboration with lawyers, solicitors and bailiffs
  • Your complex, legal translation work is in excellent hands with Exito.

One step further - sworn translations and endorsements (apostille)

Are you entering into a partnership with a foreign partner? If so, it’s more than likely that your articles of association will have to be translated by a sworn translator!

A sworn translator authenticates their translation. A sworn translator has taken a professional oath which authorises them to make sworn translations in a certain language combination.

Exito Vertaalbureau has a network of sworn translators in a number of language combinations. We can provide your sworn translation fast and efficiently and help you with any legalisation or apostille you might need too!

You would like to legalise your document yourself?

It’s possible to have the signatures of translators who are listed in the Dutch register of sworn interpreters and translators legalised at any Dutch court.

The application can simply be submitted by post or handed in at the reception desk of the court. If you’d like to know how things work at the court near you, you will find an overview on the Rechtspraak website.

If that doesn’t work out for you, we’re happy to help with an application for legalisation or an apostille! Our strength is in the short lines, personal attention and flexibility. We can help you in no time!

We make legal translations for:

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