Maritime translations

Your maritime message translated well

Do you work for a technical company in the maritime sector and do you also do business outside the Netherlands? If so, you probably know better than most that technical translations take a special professional skill and precision.

We work with technical writers and specialised translators and engineers – translators with knowledge of your professional field. From inspection report and safety regulations to procurement documents.

Maritime construction and shipbuilding

Exito Vertaalbureau has built up a track record in translations for the dredging sector, maritime construction and shipbuilding over many years.

We offer the total package and bridge any language distance between you and your foreign partners or clients. For example, we can help you with translations of all the documentation for a foreign tender.

What kind of maritime text are you looking to have translated?

Exito is involved in a great many projects and tenders, as translation agency. We translate not only technical documents but also web content, legal contracts and financial reports. This might include:

  • Registrations, permits and certificates
  • Shipbuilding contracts
  • Technical manuals (installation, use, maintenance)
  • Ship specifications
  • Safety standards and survey reports
  • Press releases, client cases
  • Security information sheets
  • Online marketing texts, web content and brochures.

Have all your languages translated by a single agency!

The Dutch shipping and maritime sector is by definition international. So Exito Vertaalbureau offers maritime translations in a great many languages. The languages most often requested from us are the European variants of English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

But we’re also the people to come to for maritime translations into other European, Scandinavian, Latin American, African and Asian languages. We work with technical translators in Iceland, Russian engineers and French specialists with an enormous amount of experience in engine and pumping techniques, for example.

With Exito, you have one agency that can take care of all your languages. Convenient!

Since Exito has accumulated much knowledge in the maritime sector, it is a great partner for Boskalis and knows just how to interpret our maritime jargon. The documents they deliver are of a high quality! Huub Bierman – Fleet manager, Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster N.V.

Why choose Exito maritime translators?

  • Experienced translators, technical writers, reviewers and engineers with sector-related knowledge
  • Permanent education through such organisations as Netherlands Maritime Technology
  • Personal experience in the dredging, offshore and construction sectors
  • Involved in current projects in the Dutch manufacturing industry
  • ISO-certified translating services.

Our collaboration with Exito Vertaalbureau was very pleasant. Exito delivered high-quality translations, often with a technical aspect, on time while successfully and calmly dealing with deadlines. Going the extra mile comes as a standard service. Exito delivered the Chinese translations in a limited amount of time and the delivered services exceeded our expectations. Thanks again for all the efforts made to make our tender successful. Corry Peery – Pre-Qualification Officer Van Oord

Exito applies the accumulated knowledge of the maritime, dredging and offshore sectors in practice with apparent ease, in all kinds of texts and translations. A valued communications member of the CNB that knows their way around the sector. And Exito has an extensive network of engineers, fellow professionals and skilled technical and maritime translators. M. van Houwelingen, voorzitter CNB, De Hoven Consultancy

More than just maritime translations

In the past 25 years, Exito has written and translated many texts for the maritime sector. We are also actively involved in interesting sector projects such as the Commission for the Standardisation of Dredging Components and One Maritime Data Standard.

We provide these cross-company working groups with lucid reporting and reports, clear internal and external communication, structured texts on standards and inspection journals and all accompanying documents in Dutch and English.

Translators with knowledge of the subject

The specialised translators with whom Exito works often have their own professional experience in one or more technical or maritime professional fields in addition to a linguistic training. They know the jargon and terminology that go with the sector.

When translating technical documents such as safety designs, environmental impact reports and geotechnical studies, we deploy experienced engineers. Not only that, but we are also affiliated with the ultimate maritime sector organisation – Netherlands Maritime Technology. We take courses there and keep our knowledge up to date through the network.

Maritime clients we work for

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Technical and ICT

User interfaces, work instructions and manuals are faultlessly translated thanks to a team of specialists.


Legal translations

We deliver translations and sworn translations by native-speaker lawyers with experience in translating.


Rush translations

Flexibility, efficiency and speed. That's often what is needed and preferably faultless too!