Rush translations

Exito stands for success. Even when it has to be done fast!

Flexibility, efficiency and speed. That’s often what is needed and preferable done well too.

Many of our clients are extremely satisfied with the average speed at Exito. And we’re glad about that. But sometimes, a translation has to be delivered ultra-fast. A rush translation means you hit your deadline and make all the difference for your client.

Is the speed of your translation job deciding? If so, we’ll keep up with you. 

What is a rush translation?

A good, human translator (with experience and the necessary professional experience of course) can translate an average of 2,500 words a day. If your translation has to be delivered within 24 hours and your text contains more than 2,000 words, we’re talking about a rush translation.

Naturally, it all depends on the content: technical data sheets with recurring terms are quite simply quicker to translate than a complex legal text. And even though speed is of the essence, the translation must not be allowed to suffer.

We will discuss your rush translation with you briefly in detail and offer you the best solution for your text and your requested delivery time.

'Thank you so much for your fast same-day service. I was able to process all the English-language texts on time, which made us look better at the demo of our content!'

A rush translation by Exito?

  • In-house translators in combination with a worldwide network
  • We have a constructive approach for the fastest solution
  • Translating work is often the last link; we make sure the quality of that link is preserved
  • We understand that your deadline is really important!

Interested in learning more? Send us your request and the document in question and mention that it concerns a rush translation. We’ll phone you as soon as we’ve read your message! If you’d rather phone,
that’s fine too!

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