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You want to achieve success in French with good translations – and rightly so! French is spoken by 63 million people, in France alone. Worldwide, it’s the primary language in 45 countries, spoken by a total of roughly 220 million people; countries such as Belgium, Canada, Switzerland and the French colonies including Guadeloupe and Louisiana. 

If you decide to have your web texts translated into French, you’ll be reaching an enormous target group. 

Everyone can speak a bit of French, can't they?

Sadly, being able to order a baguette or a glass of wine is not enough. And if it concerns orders or business relations, you really don’t want anything to go wrong.  The ‘tone of voice’ and depth of your text have to be just right. So leave the writing or translating of texts in French to experts, native speakers who know the language and culture because they grew up in that country.  That way, you can be sure that your target group is being approached as directly as possible in terms of language and that the correct professional language or terminology is being used. Whether for web content, brochure texts or official documents, the message must be right and the text must convey what you want to say. 

Localisation - every bit as important!

The French have their own customs and wonderful culture and that is evident in their language. And something that you might easily say to a Dutch person can come across as inappropriate or rude in French. So if you want to do things right, always adapt the text to suit the intended readers.

Exito Vertaalbureau takes this way of translating, also known as localisation, into consideration and consequently collaborates with a worldwide network of French-language translators, writers and proofreaders. Each has their own specific professional knowledge and specialisms. Come to us to have your web content, brochures, technical, maritime or legal texts in French. 

With more than 24 years of experience as a specialist in translating and text processing, Exito can help you expand your work field with regions or countries where French is spoken. 

Why choose Exito French translators?

  • Experienced native French translators, writers and proofreaders  
  • Translation for France, Wallonia, Switzerland and more 
  • Personal attention – always – with short lines and flexibility 
  • We offer you a close collaboration with designers and website builders  
  • Have your French content checked after it’s entered in your CMS. 
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