A good translation doesn’t sound like a translation. It’s just good text.

A good translation

You’ve just made the first step toward professional translation. A good translation doesn’t sound like a translation. It’s just good text.

Exito translates for you – from Arabic to Zulu – for various industries and disciplines. Our core activity is the translation of technical, medical and legal texts. We have considerable expertise in the translation of texts concerning fashion, marketing and communication and IT.

Specialist industries require a knowledge of specific terminology. Exito has that knowledge.

From websites to package inserts, and from advertisements to ship specifications or marriage certificates.

How do we do it? With translators who are all linguistically skilled, who have specific professional knowledge and who use the latest technologies in order to translate ever more productively and consistently.

Sworn translations

A sworn translation is a translation performed and authenticated by a sworn (certified) translator.

A sworn translator has taken a professional oath on the basis of his training or experience. A sworn translator is authorised to perform sworn translations. Often, this is also called an official translation.

For a sworn translation, the translation is attached to the original document or to an (authenticated) copy of the original. The sworn translator includes the statements that the translation is an accurate and a correct reflection of the original document or of its copy. In addition, the sworn translation also includes the sworn translator’s stamp and signature.

The Sworn Interpreters and Translators Act (Dutch: Wbtv) has been in effect since 1 January 2009. According to this Act, sworn translations may be performed only by translators who are registered in the Registry of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (Dutch: Rbtv).

Exito has a network of sworn translators in a broad array of language combinations and can provide sworn translations quickly in order to respond to your requirements and wishes.

Legalisation & certification

Legalisation is the inspection and validation of the translator’s signature by the court.

The Legalisation Treaty of The Hague, better known as the ‘certification treaty’, has made the legalisation of foreign legal documents among countries that have ratified the treaty a lot simpler. For the certification or legalisation of a sworn translation, please contact the Central Desk of the court(s) where the sworn translator has filed his/her signature. Certification or legalisation confirms the authenticity of a signature on a document.

The certification is a standard statement in the form of a stamp. This replaces a complicated legalisation procedure. The certification stamp can only be used for translations intended for countries that have signed the certification treaty. If the document is intended for a country that has not ratified the certification treaty, then the document must be legalised. There are more steps involved in legalising a document. Legalisations are signed by the court and then by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Exito can take care of either the legalisation or the certification of your translations.

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