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Not sure about your choice of words? No time left to check your texts? Wondering whether your document is structured properly? And do you want to be sure that your texts are good? Then save yourself time and trouble. And go for certainty and quality.  Exito edits and corrects your texts, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

You can, of course, rely on your computer’s spelling check. Unfortunately, it doesn’t read between the lines and doesn’t understand the text. Who or whom? Its or it’s? Are they “lying” or “laying” down?

Good text invites reading. It is appealing and, of course, flawless! Whether it’s an annual report or a manual, a brochure or a speech: text can be considered good only if it reads well.

Text correction

Exito ensures that your texts are in tiptop condition. No matter how good your story is, a text full of errors or carelessness will distract from the message. And that’s just as important! It would be a shame to have your readers give up because your text is sloppy.

You can call on Exito to give your existing texts just the right finishing touch. Two heads are better than one!

Consider: text correction for press proofs or text editing of texts or translations. By using editing marks in Word or notes in PDF, you have insight into all text corrections.

Editing or rewriting

Editing a text goes a step beyond just correcting it. During editing, we evaluate a text for its legibility, layout, formulation and writing style. For example, we can delete sentences, move paragraphs, replace words and rewrite sections. Your text’s content remains intact, of course. But your message comes across better and more clearly.

Exito can also completely rewrite your text. The text you provide is then completely recomposed. Exito ensures a logically structured, clearly formulated and crystal-clear text. Text in which all information is tailor-made for the target audience.

From adapting existing text to a complete rewrite as web text.

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