Working method

Let’s start by listening …..

The first step

You’ve just made the first step toward the professional translation of your text. So now – what’s the next step?

To start with, a listening ear. What type of document you want to have translated? What language is it written in? To which language must it be translated? When does it need to be completed? Do you have any special wishes?

Does it involve a large set of technical documents? Then we can work with specific translation software.

More than translation alone

Translation is more than just transposing words from one language to another. A good translation doesn’t sound like a translation. It’s just good text. It runs smoothly and takes the reader into account. Translating is our profession. And we want to do it well, with a network of professional translators.

For translations that are as accurate as possible and with text that flows naturally, Exito works using the “mother tongue” principle.

Mother tongue

Exito works using the mother tongue principle. This means that our translators translate only to their mother tongue. For example, translations to English are done only by translators whose mother tongue is English. The idea behind this is that a native speaker is better able to master his/her language better than someone who has learned that language as a second language.

Sometimes, no native speaker is available. We then look for a translator with an extremely thorough knowledge of that foreign language. We do our absolute best to guarantee quality and to deliver a perfectly legible text.

Naturally, we always consult with the client about questions of terminology.

Monitor, verify, review

Texts that are translated by Exito go through a number of control procedures to safeguard quality.

The translator creates a first version of the translation and then corrects this. A second reader then checks the translation once again for its grammar, spelling and readability and removes any remaining imperfections. That’s how you get the quality that Exito stands for. Because quality is paramount.

Translation is always a human effort. Should you find that a translation doesn’t meet your expectations, please let us know. We take all comments seriously and look for a suitable resolution right away.


Translating is our profession. And we want to do it well. Call it professional pride. We are not yet ISO-certified, but we do work according to a procedure based on NEN-EN 15038. This is the quality standard developed specifically for translation agencies.

This way, we record every project in a database, we monitor a project’s progress and we keep close track of which translator works on which project. And we record the feedback we receive from clients, of course. Your feedback is essential to us. It allows us to keep on top of the quality of our translators’ work and to respond accordingly.

Translation tools

Wherever possible, Exito uses specialised translation software. For technical translators, particularly, these are essential tools for working better, more quickly and simply. This is not the same as machine translation. The translator himself maintains control and automatically builds up a ‘translation memory’ during the translation process. Every sentence, phrase and word sequence ends up in the translation memory. These can be reused later and they provide for consistent, unambiguous translations.

Building up a translation memory allows for considerable timesavings, consistency in usage and sentence structure and in quality monitoring.

Translation software provides considerable advantages, especially if we perform translations for you regularly.


You won’t find a list of standard prices here. Why not?

The rates we use for translation depend on the language combination, the subject matter, the size of the project and the delivery deadline.

Good translation of a short, difficult text can sometimes take longer than translating a longer, simpler text.

Once we receive your text, we analyse it. This is done on the basis of sentence structure, the terminology used and the particular professional field. You receive a no-obligation quote on the basis of this.

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