Seven-year itch, seven-year blessing

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Something substantial changes in my life every few years – maybe in everyone’s life. And something tells me I’m at that stage again. Just outside your comfort zone, a bit different, grabbing new opportunities, dumping old baggage.

I’m not talking about personal, deeply psychological stuff. That’s another story. I’m talking “merely” about the business. My professional side. And about the seven-year cycle.

I graduated some twenty years ago. Full of conviction. Cocky. Yet unbelievably naive about a lot of things. I interviewed for everything, all kinds of great jobs. But the world wasn’t ready for a kid with a degree in Latin American languages and cultures.

So, persevering, not discouraged and via countless detours, I decided about 14 years ago to start my own translation agency. No more side jobs: completely independent, today’s hired gun avant la lettre. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve worked in a lot of places – from hospitality to the post office, from dredging companies to the fashion world and back. They all fed me knowledge, experience, skill. And together with my education, they formed a solid foundation for heading out on my own

It didn’t all go smoothly…

I re-invented a few wheels. Got taken by a few bandits. Made a mistake or two myself. But it all kept going and I kept learning. Because it really felt right. Intense satisfaction from new milestones, increasing project sizes, more specialism and complexity.  Successes big and small.

And now I’m taking new steps, with a growing agency heading into a new phase. New areas of specialism, a new style, new opportunities. From student to secretary, from account manager to marketing coordinator. And now from independent contractor possibly toward prime contractor in another form. I’m enjoying everything that crosses my path. With more writing, blogging and new markets.

Just slightly outside my comfort zone – that’s how I like it. Here’s to the next seven years!


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