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Portuguese Language Circle Theme Day

From modo subjuntivo to business acquisition and olive oil

The 10th Portuguese Language Circle Theme Day was held in De Schakel in Nijkerk on 5 June 2015. Jeanine Bierhoff, Helma van der Boom and Karolien de Graaff organised the day.

After a round of introductions, renewed acquaintance and an exchange of “tudo boms”, Hans van der Veen started the day with a summary of recent occurrences in the world of translators and interpreters and the place that the Portuguese Language Circle actively occupies in this world. The national professional meeting of 10 June was also highlighted.

Our grammatical knowledge was brought up to par throughout the rest of the morning. A large group of translators of Dutch origin enjoyed a workshop given by professor António Luis Martins Pêgas. We latched onto the use of the subjunctive and the broader and finer nuances in meaning. The book ‘Portugees van Brazilië’ by J.J. van den Besselaar turned out still to be a font of knowledge and expertise. We even touched on Portuguese politics!

Não lamentamos nada, só que não houvesse mais tempo!

A smaller group of Portuguese translators left for another room where language trainer Vicky Williams challenged us with a number of grammatical issues such as: their or them, this or that, if or then.

After a fabulous lunch, we returned to an increasingly stuffy room – after all, it was the first tropically warm day of the year – to listen to Arjaen Smits. With his company Ruilmeesters, Arjaen provides training in the area of acquisition and negotiation skills. With a few hands-on tips and instructions, we paired off to practice a few cases and to increase the value of our services. Why, how and what were paramount. It’s not just about striking a quick deal on price: everything “behind the price”, such as extra services, can make the difference One example of extra services is providing apostille and legalisation, things that Exito certainly offers.

Rob Barnhoorn, translator and engineer, closed out the day and did this wonderfully with a few beautiful, hilarious examples of professional terminology in the area of agriculture and livestock. From sheep to horticulture, and from escoamento to leguminosas.

A delicious olive-oil tasting and tips about where you can buy these in the Netherlands provided a perfect finale to this diverse theme day. A big thanks to all the organisers for their efforts! For more information on the Portuguese Language Circle, please visit Taalkring Portugees.

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