Into the New Year full of spark and energy

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We certainly are! For the last few months of 2016 and the start of 2017, Exito Translations has been really busy! We started this year full of renewed energy. Every week brings new challenges and we commit ourselves each day to using our passion for language to provide our clients with well-written and translated texts.

Language: giddily diverse!

On 3 February, I visited my old high school, the Sint-Oelbert Gymnasium in Oosterhout, to talk a bit about languages and about working with language to those third-year students (and their parents) who were choosing their academic subjects. Quite exciting, actually, but also really fun. From language studies and choosing a language to working with language. And it was also the perfect moment for me to reflect on what Exito is really all about. The multitude of topics made me happy. It’s precisely the diversity in my work that keeps it from ever being boring.

So what is it exactly that we do? On any given day, we may focus on technical manuals; and the next day we’re busy with plant food brochures that need editing and translation to Norwegian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Slovenian and Greek. We translate internal communication into English and Dutch for a global player in the market for complete life-cycle solutions for the maritime and energy sectors. We write articles and press releases for all kinds of companies – from painting companies to fitness centres.

And we’re writing more and more!

We ran into a couple of companies that had been searching high and low for a solution to their language and text problem. Since they had no time to check their texts themselves, they had doubts about the structure of their documents and wanted to be certain that their texts were good. We saved them the time and trouble by providing certainty and quality, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s.

We write website texts and several people trusted their LinkedIn profiles into our hands. In 2016, a large insurance company gave us the assignment of translating all of the communication related to their health care policies. We are continuing our work for them again this year. Everything from correspondence and promotions to parts of their on-line platform.

At the end of January, we were given the assignment of translating the website and a series of case studies into Dutch for a market leader in the area of temperature control. And we can now let our copywriting skills loose on the text… fantastic!

We are proud! Of our loyal clients who keep coming back. All manner of companies: from dredging companies to shipbuilders, from training companies to governmental ministries, and from lawyers’ offices to culinary entrepreneurs. We are proud of our new clients and will do everything to make sure that they keep coming back. For those dotted I’s and crossed T’s!

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